Commercial LED display board and screen, integrated custom commercial audio, smart control system, video conference system


Change the way customers engage with your business.

Bring your brand to life through digital display. Use an LED display screen or video wall to present your customized menu board, detail your services or even stream videos. Our digital signage services allow you to organize, customize and display your most relevant content in a vibrant and engaging way.

Whether you have one or multiple locations, we can design a customized display system to deliver relevant messaging to your customers and maximize your return. Our digital signage services include device selection as well as programming.


Create an inviting environment that keeps your customers coming back to your restaurant, bar, hotel, beach club, theater or store. Bring music, branded messaging or relevant content to their ears with a custom commercial audio system. A centralized audio system allows you to create zones within your business that deliver crystal clear sound at different volumes and from different sources.

Music impacts your customers experience and keeps them at your business longer, which can help drive revenue. Businesses must stream music and content through a commercial service. InFocus Technologies is an authorized Sirius XM dealer.

We can design a commercial system to meet the needs of your business and to please the ears of your customers.


Speak to your clients across the world or across town in your custom designed audio/visual conference room environment. Conduct your business meetings in a fully automated and connected space.

Manage all aspect of your conference room from a smart control system. This interface will allow you to improve productivity, streamline processes and increase collaboration with internal teams and clients.

Communicating remotely using technology can sometimes reduce personal interaction and cues. We will design a system that lends itself to productive and positive interaction with your customers onsite and remotely.